Alumni Band Information

Homecoming and Alumni Band

Friday September 29, 2023 

Mitchell Field Lewistown 101 E Susquehanna Ave, Lewistown, PA, United States 

Questions or Comments:

Mifflin County Marching Band Reunion September 29, 2023 Huskies Homecoming Game 

1. Wondering what to wear? You can wear whatever you like but remember, this is a football game at the end of September. It can be 90 degrees or it can be 30 degrees. Please dress for the weather. This year’s homecoming game is a White Out so feel free to wear white to support the Huskies. 

2. If you need to borrow an instrument or equipment for the reunion band, please contact our band director, Art Belfiore, at or text message to 717-250-9075. 

3. Please download the music @ You do not need to memorize it . . . whew . . . but please make sure to bring a flip folder or some way to hold your music. It can be quite breezy on the field. 

4. Guard members will work out what you will be doing when you arrive on the 29th . 

5. Sign in will begin at 4:00pm on Friday, September 29th. If you cannot make it at that time, catch up with us when you are able. Please report to the auditorium of the Mifflin County High School at 501 Sixth St, Lewistown. There will still be school traffic so please be patient. The auditorium and band room can be accessed from the student parking lot located on the right side of the building. Bring your instrument because practice will be in the band room from 4:30-5:30. 

6. After practice, we will drive/carpool to the Mifflin County Middle School (the old Lewistown High School). We only have 30 minutes to get everyone to the teacher’s parking lot (around back) and lined up to march to Mitchell Field so please be timely. 

7. We will sit in the stands with the band for the game. At halftime, we will line up and march onto the field to the 50 yard line where we will play our show. Everyone has to move quickly so if you have mobility issues, you will be able to enter and exit the gate near the 50 yard line. We want everyone to have a chance to be on the field, just like when we were all in high school! We will then return to the stands after halftime and remain in the stands for the rest of the game. If we have enough coverage for the parts, the alumni band can play during third quarter when the students get their break. We also ask that after the game, if you are able, please stay to watch our Husky Marching Band perform their field show. 

8. We will be distributing shirts for those who ordered at 4:00 in the auditorium when you sign-in. Please make sure that if you did not send your money, bring it with you that evening. We are unable to release shirts if the fee has not been paid. 

9. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook or at 

10. Please take as many pictures as you would like and share them with us and others on our Facebook page at Mifflin County Marching Band Reunion.

 11. Thank you for taking the time to come out and make some great memories with each other and with the current marching band students. 

Stephanie Diehl, TAHS class of 1994